Things to do while in Vienna, Austria

Vienna Austria has many things to offer tourists. The diversity of this capital city is amazing, and the city is one of the best places in the world to visit. This charming city offers beautiful sites and sounds throughout. When visiting, here are some fun and educational things to do.

Vienna is known for the sightseeing. Vienna has some of the most beautiful buildings in the city. Some of these buildings date back from the first century. The type of buildings are called baroque. These were designed by Emperor Franz Joseph, who was the main person who is responsible for the monumental architecture.

The 7th district of Vienna has six passageways that are free outdoor exhibits, and they each contain a theme to the area that they represent. The artwork changes randomly and they also have vending machines that support the artists. This area has dances, art, movies, and much more. There are also many free attractions in this area that tourists enjoy year round.

Schonbrunn Palace

This building was previously used for the imperial summer residence and is one of the city’s most popular sites. The site has beautiful gardens, Gloriette monument, Palm house, and a zoo. There are many tourists who come solely for this site every year.

Belvedere Palace

The Belvedere Palace is now a place where the Austrian Gallery is located. This gallery has many fine collections of art, including Klimt and Kokoschka. There are many landmarks, which include St. Stephen’s Cathedral, a giant big wheel in the park, and a Spanish riding school. The Imperial Butterfly House is in the middle of Vienna and is a great attraction especially in the winter. There are over 400 butterflies housed in the house.


When traveling to Vienna, one must check out the museums that Vienna has to offer. The Museum of Fine Arts is the best and a must see. It holds the largest collection of Bruegel paintings. There is also the Leopold Museum, the Museum Moderner Kunst, the Architectural Center, and the Kunsthalle, which are the places tourists should go before anything else.

Opera house

Vienna is very well known for its composers who lived and worked in the capital city. This is where the city gets the international fame that is has. Mozart, StrauB, Beethoven, and Haydn are all composers who come from this great city. The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra is the best to check out first. Then one must go to the State Opera, which is one of the most popular opera houses. If you have time, check out the Vienna Boys’ Choir.

Vienna Philharmonic

            This attraction has been around for over 175 years. There are many festivals that are offered here. These festivals offer all sorts of music options for anyone who has an ear for music. The one drawback to this lovely site, the tickets must be applied for and bought well in advanced before attending. There is such a high demand to visit, so you must be patient.