Finding the Best Nutrition for Your Dog

If you have a dog in the family, you probably have heard all the fuss over natural, organic or holistic dog foods. The difference between commercial and homemade dog foods can be confusing.

Some companies use different “labels” on their foods. The labels may identify the manufacturing technique or the manufacturer. The ingredients in the food are more important than the label or brand name.

Having spent long hours going from one dog food company site to another, I have concluded that one could conceivably go mad in an attempt to feed one small white dog the ‘best’ dog food that one can find.

If money is no object and time is unlimited, you can home cook all your dog’s meals and be absolutely sure what goes into your furry little pal’s mouth. But, if you are the average person with other responsibilities besides your dog’s diet, a commercial dog food is generally less expensive and less time consuming.

Even the best dog food may or may not contain the perfect nutrition for your dog at a price you can afford.

Most people are unaware that dogs can have a surprising amount of food allergies. The symptoms of food allergies can range from itching to diarrhea. A few food allergies are chicken, beef, soy, wheat, corn and grain gluten. Dogs can also be allergic to additives and preservatives in the dog food Our dog may be allergic to corn, wheat, soy and maybe even chicken. Our dog is itchy all the time and sometimes bites himself raw. I have been searching the Internet for a food that doesn’t contain corn, wheat or soy. They are fairly easy to find, but also are very expensive. They also often contain additives or preservatives we would prefer not to feed him.

Most of my information has been gleaned from various web sites that compare dog foods.

These sites are good because they list the dog food ingredients for each brand and type.

I found that most really good dog foods with quality ingredients and acceptable natural preservatives cost a lot money. Even some of the most expensive dog foods may contain some questionable ingredients. Questionable ingredients are those ingredients that may not be good for your dog in the long term. For instance, they may contain undesirable cheap fillers even though the ones you are looking to avoid are not used. Information about fillers and additives is provided at both of the web sites listed above.

There are numerous fads and misinformation about dog foods: The use of beet pulp are good examples. Beet pulp has been alternately portrayed as a cheap filler or a source of good digestive health. If Beet pulp is nothing but a cheap filler, then your dog may not be getting as much nutrition from the food as you would like. If you question an ingredient or a filler, you can search for the specific ingredient or filler on the web and find your answers. Always verify the nutritional claims about a particular dog food ingredient.

In summary, it may not be possible to feed your fine furry friend the best commercial dog food, but it is well worth the time and effort to research it.

Things to do while in Vienna, Austria

Vienna Austria has many things to offer tourists. The diversity of this capital city is amazing, and the city is one of the best places in the world to visit. This charming city offers beautiful sites and sounds throughout. When visiting, here are some fun and educational things to do.

Vienna is known for the sightseeing. Vienna has some of the most beautiful buildings in the city. Some of these buildings date back from the first century. The type of buildings are called baroque. These were designed by Emperor Franz Joseph, who was the main person who is responsible for the monumental architecture.

The 7th district of Vienna has six passageways that are free outdoor exhibits, and they each contain a theme to the area that they represent. The artwork changes randomly and they also have vending machines that support the artists. This area has dances, art, movies, and much more. There are also many free attractions in this area that tourists enjoy year round.

Schonbrunn Palace

This building was previously used for the imperial summer residence and is one of the city’s most popular sites. The site has beautiful gardens, Gloriette monument, Palm house, and a zoo. There are many tourists who come solely for this site every year.

Belvedere Palace

The Belvedere Palace is now a place where the Austrian Gallery is located. This gallery has many fine collections of art, including Klimt and Kokoschka. There are many landmarks, which include St. Stephen’s Cathedral, a giant big wheel in the park, and a Spanish riding school. The Imperial Butterfly House is in the middle of Vienna and is a great attraction especially in the winter. There are over 400 butterflies housed in the house.


When traveling to Vienna, one must check out the museums that Vienna has to offer. The Museum of Fine Arts is the best and a must see. It holds the largest collection of Bruegel paintings. There is also the Leopold Museum, the Museum Moderner Kunst, the Architectural Center, and the Kunsthalle, which are the places tourists should go before anything else.

Opera house

Vienna is very well known for its composers who lived and worked in the capital city. This is where the city gets the international fame that is has. Mozart, StrauB, Beethoven, and Haydn are all composers who come from this great city. The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra is the best to check out first. Then one must go to the State Opera, which is one of the most popular opera houses. If you have time, check out the Vienna Boys’ Choir.

Vienna Philharmonic

            This attraction has been around for over 175 years. There are many festivals that are offered here. These festivals offer all sorts of music options for anyone who has an ear for music. The one drawback to this lovely site, the tickets must be applied for and bought well in advanced before attending. There is such a high demand to visit, so you must be patient.

Acer 27″ 2560×1440 Monitor Review

The Acer 27″ monitor is one of a kind. Boasting a very low refresh rate, an amazing aspect ratio and a high resolution of 2560×1440 – you really can’t go wrong. I’ve been diving in and out of different tech gadgets for the most part of 2018, and I’ve come across several monitors from well-respected brands such as BenQ, Dell, and others, however, my ultimate monitor would have to be sold by Acer.

Acer has been making different technology related to gaming for years on end. They’ve developed and pioneered in an industry that has tough competition, if you look at Dell Ultrasharp you probably would struggle to look elsewhere, but Acer has caused me to turn my head. I love this monitor with its large resolution, I can load up multiple tabs and have them all on my screen simultaneously, so for example, I could be trading some stocks whilst watching a youtube video educating me, allowing me to multitask and that’s priceless.

Acer 27 2560 resolutionThis monitor also has an amazing refresh rate giving gamers an edge against other players. The integrated speakers are great but let’s be real, most of us are using our own headphones or our individual speaker systems, so I won’t go into too much detail on the audio.

The ports available for this monitor are two HDMI and 1 DVI. It also includes 4 USB3.0 ports which are a lifesaver for those of us that travel with a small laptop, such as the new Dell ones and don’t want to have access to other USB ports. We can connect our mice, keyboards, and headsets straight to this monitor just as you would with a normal desktop computer.

Not only is Acer one of the best brands in the industry, but we’ve seen reviews from places like thetechinsider who have given this an amazing rating, and we know those guys have tried many different monitors.

So overall I’d say that this monitor is great value for money, provides amazing quality and is built by some of the best in the industry. If you weren’t going to get this then go for the Dell Ultrasharp, but if not then get this.

Best Meat Grinder 2018

LEM Products .75 HP Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder

Similar to the STX-3000 above the LEM Products meat grinder features a size no.12 grinder. The total weight of the meat grinder is 47 pounds which are in the average weight range when it comes to a meat grinder, showing it has a high-quality build with good materials. Alongside the main meat grinder purchase, you will receive several accessories such as big bite auger, stainless steel knife, meat stomper, several stainless steel plates and 3 stuffing tubes. The .75 HP is a great quality meat grinder, it is designed specifically to be used frequently in the home, so you will not have to worry about ruining the machinery. The internals of this machine, the metal gears, that do the grinding work are all top quality and are made from the highest quality materials, allowing you to cut through the toughest parts of the meat and produces excellent minced meat, sausages or other food types you choose. The value for money on this machine may not be on the same level as the STX-3000, however, it does produce the highest quality ground meat, therefore it should not be overlooked if you have the extra money to spend, as you will be rewarded with a higher quality machine. Remember to browse around and to see Delicious who have some great meat grinders.

LEM Products offer a 2-year limited warranty and will replace or repair any parts that appear to be defective or broken, their customer service is excellent and will be glad to help you at any time if you experience issues.

Sunmile SM-G31 ETL Electric Meat Grinder Mincer

Sunmile SM-G31For those of you on a budget, the SM-G31 is perfect for you. Priced at just a fraction of other meat grinders reviewed above, you can get this meat grinder for an extremely cheap price. The SM-G31 is the best value for money you will get, however its build quality is not the highest. The power rating is the only 250W on this machine, with a max of 800W locked power, at this wattage, it can be used on a daily basis for grinding up basic meats into minced meat or sausages. You will also receive several accessories alongside your purchase, such as stainless steel cutting blade, sausage attachments, plastic food pusher, various cutting plates. Running this at max capacity you can grind up to 150 lbs of meat per hour, which for the price is an extraordinary amount.

Sunmile offers a 1-year limited warranty, being half and even a third of other manufacturers. The build quality is lower so this is most likely why they don’t offer a superior warranty if you have the extra money we recommend going with the STX-3000 but for short-term use, the SM-G31 does a great job.

STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-TF Turboforce 3-Speed Electric Meat Grinder

The STX-3000 is a best seller on Amazon for a reason, this electric meat grinder goes above and beyond for the end user, providing exceptional performance for a very affordable price. With a locked motor wattage of 3000 watts at peak power output and 3 different speed settings to choose from you cannot go wrong with the STX International meat grinder. This grinder is a Size no.12 which has a 2-1/2 inch diameter output for the ground meat produced and a 2-inch diameter for the feeding tube that you place the whole meat into. Alongside the meat grinder purchase, you will receive 3 tempered steel grinding plates, 3 piece sausage and kubbe attachment and 3 stainless steel cutting blades to make your job as easy as possible when grinding up your meat. STX International boasts a 99.8% customer satisfaction which is extraordinarily high for the appliance industry, especially when they have sold over 80000 units.

STX International offers a 1-year limited warranty and will fix or replace your meat grinder should it have any issues. Overall we believe the STX-3000 is the best value for money and the best meat grinder on the market.